E-Mobility Applications

The automotive industry is facing some tough new challenges as governments from around the world make reductions in CO2 emissions a key priority. As a consequence, many manufacturers have electrified the powertrain, resulting in a series of hybrid vehicles and some fully electric options. These changing requirements filter up through the supply chain to the automotive industry suppliers and result in a new generation of material requirements.

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The term e-mobility is a term which has been coined recently to refer to the growing trend towards hybrid and electric vehicles, however electric vehicles have been around for well over a century. Electrolube has provided solutions for these vehicles such as forklift trucks, milk floats and other electric vehicles for over 60 years, almost since the very foundation of the company.

In modern electric vehicles, batteries, sensors, in-car displays, fuel cells, cables/connectors, power converters and e-motors are all typical elements requiring different degrees of protection afforded by a combination of Conformal Coatings, Encapsulation Resins and Thermal Management materials.

  • Electric Motors
  • Battery Packs
  • Sensors
  • ECU's
  • Charge Points & Power Converters
  • Controls & Displays
  • Cables & Connectors

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There’s no denying that the future of transportation lies in electric vehicles, with many of the world's governments pushing for manufacturers to switch to full electric in the next few years. However with this expanding technology comes a host of new potential problems for design engineers to overcome. Electrolube’s extensive range offers design engineers a solution for every eventuality, Electrolube has the bespoke solution for you.

Potting Batteries
Customer required a highly thermally conductive resin with low viscosity for potting cells within electric vehicle batteries. The resin had to withstand long durations at high temperatures and also be approved to UL94 V-0

ER2221 was provided for this application where it assisted with securing the cells in place whilst dissipating the heat away to the surroundings. The result was prolonged battery life and higher efficiency.


Thermally Conductive Epoxy Potting Compound


Thermal Management of Battery Packs
Customer had an application requiring effective thermal management between the battery cells and the external casing.

GF400 offered as a highly thermally conductive, high performance gap filler material easily able to perform within the requirements.


Thermal Gap Filler


Charge Cable
Protection from moisture ingress in charge cable end​ and physical shock from the cable being dropped.

UR5604 offers good all round protection from water and chemicals as well as offering required shock protection.


General Purpose Polyurethane Potting Compound


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Electrolube combines a wealth of knowledge, dedicated technical support team and two experienced R&D teams across two continents to find your specific applications tailored solution. With our unrivalled, very personal customer service across the globe you can be confident that you will be in the right hands. You can rely on our fully trained staff to be knowledgeable and up to speed with the latest technological developments. Having a named single point of contact helps to ensure that we work closely with our customers, solving problems in the most efficient way. Isn't it time you found your solution?

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