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The automotive industry is home to an extensive variety of electronics from the smallest of sensors, to large motors in electric vehicles. In a typical vehicle, electronic systems are crucial to the smooth and safe operation of the vehicle. As each new model develops improved cutting edge technology, standard features are also expanding year on year.

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The extensive Electrolube range has served the automotive industry’s major manufacturers for over sixty years, ensuring designers can be confident in the reliability of electronics in one of the most varied of application types and rapidly growing markets.

Electrolube are committed to pushing the boundaries and has the bespoke solution for you.

Electrolube have an extensive range of products suitable for all automotive application environments, we have collated a selection of products in a specialist brochure to aid your selection which can be viewed here along with various test data and comparisons:

  • Electronics Control Unit (ECU)
  • Automotive Sensors
  • Electric Motors
  • Electric Vehicle Batteries and Chargers
  • Automotive Cabling Harnessing and Connections
  • Automotive LED Lighting
  • Automotive Cabin Electronics and Switches

If you have any questions our dedicated technical support team are also on hand to answer your questions and we also have a wealth of information available in our Technical Articles and Blogs section:

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Electrolube are committed to pushing the boundaries and has the bespoke solution for you.

The modern vehicle has as many electronic sensors on, than that of a cold war jet fighter monitoring everything from the obvious (tyre pressures), to the aspects most drivers wouldn’t even comprehend (running speed of the engine). These sensors are exposed to a wide array of different conditions including condensation and high humidity and also some of the most hostile conditions (fuel sensors) which are all a risk to the reliability of electronics. It takes then, specialist materials in order to protect the device and maintain optimum operation. Electrolube has the bespoke solution for you.

Electric Motors
Some of the first ‘horseless carriages’ were powered by electric motors and modern vehicles have included them on a smaller scale for decades, powering elements of the vehicle from the moment we turn the key (starter motor) to the moment we park the car (electric handbrake).
In recent years this has gone full circle, powering the vehicle itself in electric and hybrid vehicles. As the focus on renewable energy has increased, the demand for electric transportation has seen a resurgence within this market.
Electrolube have a specialist range of products used across the board by most of the major automotive manufacturers to aid the smooth operation of components and reliability of the electric motors.

Electric Vehicle Batteries
There’s no denying that the future of transportation lies in electric vehicles, with many of the worlds governments pushing for manufacturers to switch to full electric in the next few years. However with this expanding technology comes a host of new potential problems for design engineers to overcome.
Electric vehicles still face the same risk to external conditions and require reliability alike other modes of transport within the automotive industry.

Cable Harnessing
A major component of any modern vehicle is the cable harnessing, which often gets overlooked when you consider the electrical components. The cables and harness ensure that the various components of the vehicle are connected, so it is a critically important that the connections remain reliable and corrosion free. Electrolube has a range of suitable contact lubricants and encapsulants to ensure that the joints are protected and will go that extra mile.

Automotive LEDs / Lighting
Automotive lighting, both OEM and aftermarket, encompasses a broad spectrum of lighting including headlights, taillights, running lights, beacons and even spotlights. These lights are most often exposed to the full force of the elements including salt mist, chemical or corrosive gases, which can result in poor performance of the LED. These LED components are often only shielded by little more than a plastic cover. It is small surprise then that Electrolube have been approached by countless manufacturers for our specialist range of protective encapsulants and coatings designed to protect both the LED luminaires and the drivers which power them.

Cabin Electronics
Going back to Electrolube’s roots, some of our very first contact lubricants were utilised by automotive manufacturers to improve reliability of electrical connections. Over the years this partnership has rapidly grown with the ever increasing amount of electronics on board to encompass our full range of product categories.
With many of these electronic systems controlled from the driver seat, the smooth operation of switches and buttons, as well as the operation of the systems themselves find Electrolube products behind the wheel. The lifetime, functionality and quality of these controls can have a dramatic impact on the performance expectations of the vehicle and the perceived brand image.

PCB within the ECU is failing due to condensation forming on critical areas.

AFA, aromatic free acrylic conformal coating, provides the best protection against humidity in our range. This coating was selected by an automotive company for use on their electronic processors of power circuits. AFA is flame retardant, approved to UL94 V-0 and free from aromatic solvents, reducing operational hazards. AFA also has a fast touch dry time at room temperature allowing quick throughput in production.


Aromatic Free Acrylic Conformal Coating


Fuel Level Sensors
Sensor is exposed to harsh diesel fuel within the fuel tank. Requirement for a chemically resistant material that can withstand prolonged immersion / exposure while transmitting data back to the cabin.

ER2223 is an Encapsulation Resin that offers excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals and oils. Potting the sensor in this resin protected it from the harsh application environment while offering required RF properties.


High Chemical Resistance Epoxy Potting Compound


Power Steering Console
Customer required a thermal management product to dissipate heat from specific heat generating components to the case. The EPS unit had to withstand harsh vibration testing, with no movement of the thermal compound being allowed.

The heat generating components in the unit varied in type and shape and so the interface between the component and the case differed in each case. This resulted in two products being required; HTCX for the standard thermal interface of <70µm between some MOSFETS and the housing and HTCPX gap filler for the larger gap between the top of a capacitor and the moulded housing. Both products passed the multi-axis vibrational testing conducted by the customer.


Non-Silicone Thermal Interface Material


Dashboard controls
Dashboard controls not as smooth as required with a lag in performance. Enhanced electrical performance and lubricity required for dashboard vehicle controls.

LCG offers excellent electrical performance for low current carrying switches, prolonging the lifetime and efficiency of the contact surface. The movement and feel of the switch will also be greatly improved.


Low Current Grease


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If our range does not quite meet your requirements, our technical support and research & development teams can work with you to resolve your chemical problem and supply the perfect solution. Below are some examples of how Electrolube products help solve problems and issues in the Automotive industry.

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The case studies below are just a few examples of our extensive experience of working with companies within the Automotive industry.