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Two part low-stress, highly flexible Flame Retardant Conformal Coating

2K350 is a flame-retardent, solvent-free two-part polyurethane conformal coating.

Product Codes

2K3505L - 5L Part A

Product Description

2K350 flame retardant conformal coating is a high performance two part and solvent-free coating. It is based on a polyurethane conformal coating which has been carefully formulated to combine the best protection and properties of an encapsulation resin, with the best properties of a conformal coating.

2K350 is formulated for application using specially designed applicators for selective coating machines from both PVA (VPX-2KS) and  Nordson Asymtek (Latest in the AM Range). 2K350 is applied more thickly than the average coating (100-300μm), resulting in excellent edge coverage over component leads and packages.

2K350 offers enhanced thermal performance when compared to 2K500 with an operating range of -65 to +130°C while its extreme flexibility prevents cracking during thermal shock testing. It offers good chemical resistance and is a flame retardant conformal coating meeting UL94 V-0 requirements.

As with the other 2K range of conformal coatings 2K350 is a hydrophobic coating which gives excellent water and moisture protection including salt mists making it an excellent choice for automotive electronics as well as other tough outdoor applications. Read our Article on comparisons verses traditional coatings for more info.

*Two Part System requires 2K350 and 2KPB0 as the reaction agent, please refer to the product TDS for recommended mix ratios.

Key properties

  • Meets UL94V-0
  • Two-part conformal coating
  • Enhanced operating temperature range
  • Highly flexible coating, low stress on components
  • Hydrophobic; demonstrates excellent water-immersion, salt mist and condensation resistance
  • Good solvent resistanceExcellent coverage, even over difficult geometries
  • Blue Opaque finish for ease of inspection.
  • Meets requirements of IPC-CC-830C, MIL-I-46058C & IEC 61086
  • Meets BMW Group Standard requirement GS95011-5
  • REACH Compliant & RoHS Compliant